Full Time Program Overview

For all of our programs, we offer a free placement test for all incoming students. Below we have listed our F-1 visa compliant programs for our future international students alongside with terms duration, weekly schedule, and tuition prices.


Super Intensive Program

  • 18 class hours per week - 72 class hours

  • Books: 1 Set per Level - Grammar Book includes Video Activities & Workbook and a Conversational Book

  • $530 USD every 4 weeks

Super Intensive Program (SIP-FT) Schedules


Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 1:45 pm


Monday - Thursday
Friday 12:45pm-5pm


Monday - Thursday
6:00 pm - 10:45 pm

Private Classes

Classes held at school
$45 USD per class hour
Mornings, afternoons, and evenings

Classes held at school - Package Special
$35 USD per class hour when booking 20+ hour packages
Mornings, afternoons, and evenings

Student’s Premises
$50 USD per class hour and additional .40 cents per mile to student’s premises
Morning, afternoons, and evenings

FEATURES OF Private Classes

  • Private courses follow our group program curriculum customized to the schedule of our students

  • F-1 Students wishing to enroll in private classes instead of SIP-FT must enroll for a minimum of 18 class hours per week in order to comply with U.S. federal laws to maintain their visa status.