English as a Second Language Courses


We are experts at teaching English as a Second Language. Our main ESL program is based on 10 levels dictated by qualified professional instructors. Additional more advanced levels are also available after completion of our main program.

New students are required to take a placement test to evaluate their English proficiency. This test consists of 70 questions distributed into three sections: Listening, Reading and Language Use. Students are given 50 minutes to complete this test.


There are several ways in which students can take advantage of their courses at OLS. By following the next objectives, understanding, pronunciation, and grammar will improve exponentially, giving the confidence of a native english speaker.

Grammatically and conversationally

OLS offer courses in levels from 1 to 10 (beginners to advanced students). Also, a variety of Extended levels come in after the mentioned above, as they include a higher instructional support for college students, test preparation, or professional growth. These courses include:

  • one-to-one and group interaction

  • pronunciation

  • oral presentation 

  • and professional communication, which includes writing as well as speaking 


OLS academic philosophy is learning through communication.

In order for students to learn quickly and progress through the program, one unit is completed every week in all our
grammar and conversational classes which includes the following course materials and activities:


  • Levels 1 – 8: Interchange Grammar Classes (8 Units per Level)

  • Levels 9 – 10: Passages Grammar Classes (12 Units per Level)

  • Extended Levels 1 & 2 Grammar Classes: TOEFL Preparation (5 Units & 4 Units per Level)

  • Extended Level 3 & 4 Grammar Classes: Grammar Focus (11 Units & 12 Units per Level)


  • Levels 1 – 2: Taking Off Conversation Classes (6 units per level)

  • Levels 3 – 8: Let’s Talk Conversation Classes (8 units per level)

  • Levels 9 – 10: Mosaic 1 & 2 Listening & Speaking Conversation Classes (10 Chapters per level)

  • Extended Levels 1 & 2: Mosaic 1 & 2 Reading Conversation Classes (10 Chapters per level)

  • Extended Levels 3 & 4: Mosaic 1 & 2 Writing Conversation Classes (10 Chapters per level)

Language Proficiency Levels

There are 10 standard levels of instruction in our system plus our extended level program. Levels 1 – 8 each take 9 weeks to complete. Levels 9 & 10 and extended levels each take 13 weeks to complete.

OLS’s language proficiency levels allows students to progress at a consistent rate with the practice of a newly acquired language.

Educational conversations, group work activities, games and occasional extracurricular field trips allow students to interact with different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world enhances the learning experience we offer.